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A short guide about when you need
an immigration attorney Romania

To travel a thousand miles you only have to take a step. But you can’t start your journey without having all the information required. It would be a shame to travel to a foreign country just to realize that you made the wrong steps and it’s no turning back. For this type of situation, an immigration attorney Romania can offer you a clear image of the things you need to know about traveling to a foreign country and how to avoid problems.

The immigration process can be stressful and sometimes unclear. On the internet, you can find lots of information about how to get there but none of it offers a clear step by step guide that can help you avoid the problems. It requires just a simple mistake to cost you a lot of money and to turn you in the wrong direction. 

This guide is made to give you counseling if you need to turn your attention to an immigration attorney Romania. Since the problems occurred the only thing you have to do from this point is to turn your attention to a specialist, like an immigration attorney who can guide you through the steps you need to do and to solve your case. 

What kind of immigration specialist
can help you better with your case?

Some organizations and entities can offer you advice about your case or, they can represent you in front of a court. To be able to solve the problem of the legal nature of the immigration process, different types of specialists can offer a range of services. 

To be able to choose the right specialist that can handle your problems, you need to know what each one can offer: 

Immigration counselors

They can offer you advice about the immigration rules and some of them will offer you just advice and assistance with simple applications. Others can assist you and can represent you in front of a court. You should always verify what kind of services your immigration counselor can offer. They are registered on three different levels according to the type and complexity of the activity.


here are three different types of immigration lawyers that can help you in different stages of your case according to the complexity of it:

Consulting lawyers – they can offer you legal counseling. They will meet you and find out more details about the case, will manage all the documents, and will talk to the third parties involved in the process. Some of the consultants will represent their clients in front of a court, other will hire a pleading lawyer to represent the client in front of a court.
Pleading lawyers – they will do some things similar to the consulting lawyer, such as offering guidance and make the paperwork. But they also can represent you in front of a court. Pleading lawyers get involved in more advanced stages of a case.
Authorized legal agents – they can do the same things as a consulting lawyer. If you hire a law firm then an agent could make all these activities for you.
If you are having problems during the immigration process, usually you address first to a counselor or a consulting lawyer. If your case needs to go to court you will want a pleading lawyer to represent you. And, if you worked in the first place with a consultant, this specialist, according to the seriousness of the case will hire a pleading lawyer.

The best advice about choosing
the right immigration lawyer

One of the best things you cand do to choose the best service provider is to make sure that is authorized to do the job. The best immigration lawyer will make sure that: 

When choosing an immigration attorney, you don’t want to rush things and choose the first option. Keep in mind these three factors because an unauthorized immigration attorney may have the knowledge but not always can offer you the best services. 

Also, when you want to work with an immigration attorney, you need to ask some questions about the contract, how the services will be offered, what will the final invoice includes, and how often the lawyer will contact you. 

If you are having problems then the best thing to do is to start working right away with your lawyer. Ask for copies of all the documents because it’s your right to know about every step that needs to be done to solve your legal problems. If the services turn out to be bad for you and you didn’t get to any solutions, don’t complain and change the law firm you work with. Also, you can file a complaint to the law firm about the services and you can act professionally at every stage of the process. Don’t lose your temper if something is not right, just talk to your immigration lawyer Romania and see if his solution to the problem is not a longer process then you expected. 

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