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At first glance, immigration legislation in Romania seems complicated and often inaccessible. Our mission is to guide our clients towards a positive experience, without being time consuming, without the need of human and financial resources.
We are experts in the field of immigration, which means that we effectively carry out all the consulting and legal representation services, without outsourcing these services, providing our clients with the best services for their employees and their families.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best solutions regarding the process of acquiring the right to stay in Romania, including the following services:

We prepare, submit and monitor visa applications with the competent authorities

We accompany the employees to the notary’s office for the translation and legalization of documents.
We provide assistance from the initial stage to the submission and completion of the process of acquiring the right to stay.

Work permits for seconded employees and for local employees

A work permit is required for citizens of states outside the European Union area working on the territory of Romania, on payroll or secondment.For these citizens, the process can be extremely dense and cumbersome as it involves several institutions.

Long-stay visas and short-stay visas

For citizens outside the European Union, a long-stay visa is required within 60 days after the issuing of the work permit (both for local and seconded employees). It is a mandatory requirement for the subsequent acquirement of the residence permit.

Instead, for family members of citizens from outside the European Union, a different type of visa is needed – called the family reunification visa.

It is acquired within 60 days after the notification for family reunification.The short-stay visa is required for citizens outside the European Union who already have a Romanian residence permit but want to visit other EU or non-EU countries, for personal or business purposes.

Single permits and residence cards

After obtaining a work permit Romania, citizens from outside the European Union and their families need single permits.

Residence cards are issued for foreign nationals who are family members of an EU/EEA/Switzerland/Romanian citizen.

The documents are valid for 5 years and are mandatory if the stay on the Romanian territory exceeds 90 days in 6 months.

These cards are issued by the authorities within a period of 3 months from the date of application.

Family reunification

The family reunification procedure can be initiated by citizens belonging to the states outside the European Union who have the right to stay on the Romanian territory and who wish to bring their family here.

Thus, the relatives will have the right of temporary residence in Romania.
The procedure can only start after the applicant has obtained a residence permit with a validity of at least 1 year.

The procedure is cumbersome, and the legal waiting period is 3 months from the date of application.

Blue card

The Blue Card is a document that is only granted to highly qualified employees who have a local contract.

The validity of this document is of 2 years, and after a period of one and a half year stay in one EU Member State, the applicant has the possibility to find another highly qualified job in another EU Member State.

Registration certificate

In order to enter on the Romanian territory, the citizens of the European Union do not need a visa. Instead, if their period of stay exceeds 90 consecutive days in 6 months, they need a certificate of registration that they can request from the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

The registration certificate is valid for 5 years, but its validity period can be extended. This document can be issued in one day.

Registration with the National Health Insurance House

Citizens from outside the European Union, seconded in Romania, and their families must register with the National Health Insurance House.

Registration from the Territorial Labour Inspectorate

Romanian employers signing secondment contracts with EU or non-EU citizens must submit a notification in this regard to the Territorial Labor Inspectorate.The law provides for the document to be submitted 5 days before the start date of the secondment.

Apostilles and superlegalization

The clients of CDM RELOCATIN SERVICES are assisted in acquiring the appropriate certifications (Apostilles and superlegalization).

As on official certification, the Apostille can be applied on several documents such as, certificates (birth, marriage and criminal record), diplomas only between the countries that signed the Hague Convention, in 1961.

The Apostille represents a mandatory requirement for certain types of documents issued on the Romanian territory and proves that the document is original. Apostille documents can be used abroad, in immigration processes.

In the case of countries that are not signatories of the Hague Convention, the documents issued by these states must follow the superlegalization procedure, which involves the acquirement of certifications from different institutions, such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the diplomatic missions.

Conversion of driving licenses

According to the road legislation, citizens from the European Union or from non-EU countries residing in Romania must submit an application for the conversion of the foreign driving license with a Romanian one.

Assistance for personal documents

If necessary, we assist our clients in acquiring a criminal record on the Romanian territory.
CDM RELOCATION SERVICES advises and supports its clients in acquiring several documents such as birth or marriage certificates for foreign or Romanian citizens.

Invitation letters

Companies wishing to invite foreign nationals in Romania for business purposes can contact CDM RELOCATION SERVICES to be assisted in order to acquire the invitation letters required for the visa application file in Romania.

Cancellation and return decisions

The Romanian authorities must be informed when the employment contract or the secondment agreement of a foreign citizen is terminated, in order to cancel the documents for the immigration process.

If they want to leave Romania after exceeding the legal stay period, non-EU citizens need a return decision.
The document represents the administrative act by which the General Inspectorate for Immigration establishes the illegal stay in the Romanian territory of the foreigner and establishes its obligation to return, as well as the deadline for voluntary departure.

Incorporate a private limited company

Limited Liability Companies are becoming more and more popular, and it is easy to see why. In addition to combining the best features of partnerships and corporations, LLCs avoid the main disadvantages of both of those business structures.

Owners of an LLC are called “members”. Since most states do not restrict ownership, members may be individuals, corporations, and other LLCs – domestic or foreign.

We offer professional business filing services that ensure your company is accurately filed and in compliance.

We continually try to improve our operations and achieve maximum efficiency so that we can offer the lowest processing costs and the fastest processing times in the industry
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