5 things you should know before leaving your country for good

In the last years, immigration services started to attract more and more people hoping to reach a better life. It sounds very exciting to wake up the next day in another country, drink a coffee, and go to a different job with different colleagues, explore a new city, and making new friends. But, before you consider going to an immigration office, you have to think very carefully about your decision.

There are several things you need to consider and we will talk about all these in the following lines:

You will be far away from family and friends

The hardest part of living in another country or on another continent is that you are far from your friends and family. At the immigration office, nobody will tell you how much you will miss your family and friends. If you move to another continent you will have to plan your vacation long before it takes place.

You need to make sure you have a job waiting for you

It may look simple, but finding a job in another country can be more difficult to be found. If you have a masters degree on finance, banking,  IT,  you can easily find a job but if you don’t have this options at your hand you will have to wait until you complete your studies and be ready to have a temporary job as a waiter, babysitter, dog walker or the food delivery guy.

Make sure everything you will need in the country you will go to is assured from the moment you decided to take this step.

Rent an apartment

From all the important things you need to make sure you will have when you get there, is a roof over your head. Rent an apartment right before you board on the plane to move to another country. Keep in mind that you will have to temporarily give up the comfort you had at home. Most owners will ask you to present the proof you have a job before renting an apartment, your banking account, or recommendation letters. In other words, it’s not enough to arrive in a foreign country just with your luggage in the hope to find a better life.

Rent a place that is not so expensive and you can afford it. When you will be sure that moving so far away from home it’s the best option for you then you can move to another place.

  Don’t move to another country if you don’t have some money with you

You can never know what kind of situations you encounter and you will not have friends or family on your side to offer you a backup plan. Before moving away, you need to save enough money to keep you going for at least a month. Your savings must cover the rent, food, transportation, clothing, and shoes at least until you receive your first payment from the new job.

                     Make sure you keep in touch with your friends abroad

It is very important to have one or two friends in the country you want to move to. You will feel more confident in the moment when you will have someone to talk to. But, be open to make new friendships and to have new experiences every time.

The immigration process can be hard but, if you follow our advice you will have the greatest experience.

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