5 myths about immigration

In the last few years, more and more people decide to move to another country. Whether it’s a temporary decision or it’s for an entire life, as it was expected, some myths have emerged. Many of these myths turn out to be fake, because, in general, they are elaborated by people who have made preconceived ideas from the stories heard from other people. Others started to believe in these myths because they seem to be plausible and don’t bother to understand the stories behind each situation.

So, without any further ado, here are the most common myths about the reasons why people decide to address to an immigration office:

All the smart people left the country and now it is a lack of specialists

This myth is fake. Every year, universities launch on the market new specialists that are perfectly capable of handling a job in their field. Even more, studies show that most of the immigrants have only a high school diploma and only a small percent of people with higher education are leaving their country. Their decision is made based on career opportunities not on the fact that most of their friends left and are in a certain country.

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Most people leave their country because they are unable to get a job

This is not a mandatory condition because most of the people who decide to leave the country for a better life already have a job or a business in their country. It’s more about the conditions offered by their current job and they wish to be better paid for the work they do. So, we can say that this myth is also fake.

Those who earn more send more money in their country

This myth is also fake because there is not a certain condition or some criteria about how much money will be sent by someone in the country. For example, a student will not send money at all, while a construction worker probably will send all the money he made and was able to save to his family.

Most of the people who leave their country are poor

Poverty can indeed be the foundation of the decision to leave the country for a better life. But it’s not valid in all the cases. In many cases, the decision is made because they consider they deserve more from their lives or, they want to experience new things that are not possible at home.

People leave their country to be able to sustain their families

This is not valid in all cases. Some people decide to make savings in the first year and spend the money with their families when they get home. Or, they are sending some money but only to be able to buy themselves some gifts. Of course, there are cases in which they have to send money home to sustain their families but these cases are not valid for everyone.

So, before judging the reasons why some people choose to leave their country think about the reasons they do so.



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